Looks like you came to the wrong neighborhood… you still grasp onto light… Isn’t that right? Partner?

the one that started it all

one of my close friends saw that I did those pokemon illustrations and asked for these guys.. he wanted to ride a galvantula… but that guy is too small for him to ride… but he can at least dream can’t he?

this was fun to color… Crap! I better get back to job hunting! See Ya!

I have to thank my bff for getting me these amazing brushes. I’ve never actually owned a pair of good brushes before, so getting to play around with them is a nice treat haha

playing around with brushes

So I made one for myself as well… I imagine my pokemon would be rather mischievous little bastards… yawn* I’m gonna take a nap now…

My brother plays pokemon competitively and though this isn’t that team… these are his six favorite that he plays with for fun. I might do my favorites next haha, but yeah… here’s my brother lounging with his pokemon haha

I actually used to hate the design of ryuki compared to all the other riders from his show, but it’s grown on me haha… also let’s be real… with out ryuki we would not be enjoying gaim now haha as the writer was a huge fan of ryuki

ah… this is kinda random for me to do anthropomorphic characters, but it came about randomly too. A friend and i were chatting then an idea for a giraffe knight came to fruition… then I drew like seven different animal knights… but these were the only two i liked enough to post hahaha… i don’t think i’ll ever draw like this again…

birthday gift for my step dad… shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone haha

miss sazabi gundam palette 12?

doing color palette challenges again. zero from megaman with number 15 ha ha ha