Since I’m away for a while and can’t scan work in, and have a lot of these pages done already, i figured I’d post this before heading to my great-grandmother’s funeral. Ugh… Life feels a lot like this page…

My favorite job class in Final Fantasy has always been the Geomancer. For those of you who don’t know how bad ass the Geomancer is, let me show you the ways of terrain magic. This class uses the area around them to create their magic, like if they are in the tundra, their magic will be ice based, or earth/ sand based in a desert. If you don’t think that’s the tightest sh*t get the eff out!

Just a doodle while I wait on a package coming in today… he’s pretty sick actually… hmm… i need to put him in a comic… but which… hmm…

This is a character for a short story exercise based on dragon age lore my best friend and I are competing on… He’s got another character… i don’t know… but this is Marcelle Gael, an Orlesian assassin. I always wanted to do a character with one arm, so i went the route of being forced into the servitude of a noble family competing in the “great game.”

another animal i would totally want to ride into battle on. The Mighty Bison.


Story update won’t be until later tonight, but until then, check out this great guest comic drawn by Matt Clark (maecaart on tumblr!) 

Catch up with HEY, JANA J! here

Daww… Thanks for posting this haha, but yeah! Everyone go read this! Read it now! Go! I’ll wait…


ask-ssb-marth asked:

Here's a challenge, Kamen Rider Gaim Mango arms #6


Challenge accepted hehehe… (pushes up glasses and poses jojo style)


xivcaliber asked:

Tharja in 11! You seem to like drawing FE characters.


you would be correct hahaha


thegreatwhiteotaku asked:

Let's see ummmmm Ao from yozakura quartet with numbahhh 9


ooo! I have been meaning to finish this show haha

If you don’t think Brady is one of the best of the children generation, you’re wrong… I mean look at this poor bae… 

water color sketch to lighten my mood

a one shot that i’m going to submit for the purposes of working as a comic artist… here’s hoping

Well that took forever… ugh… but it’s up and I like it even with the kinks that still need revision!

I’m utterly depressed by this comic page not uploading… but when i get depressed i usually just draw some sort of fashion outfit or something… ugh… just shoot me